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Services full relocation

Price: Determined during and/or after consultation

Full Relocation Package

*Free consultation (casual chat) to meet each other and to determine specific requirements

*Customised as per clients requirements.

  • Property package included

  • Schedule bank account appointment

  • Schedule appointment at the Town Hall for registration (BSN) 

  • Information and assistance;

    • with healthcare providers in the Netherlands 

    • with water, electricity and gas.

    • with public transport (OV chip card)

    • with internet providers 

    • with cellphone/SIM contract

    • with finding gyms and membership

    • with cleaning services

    • with pet relocation

    • with schools, nannies, children activities 

    • with bicycles

  • Information and introduction to local Dutch learning schools

  • Any needs that arises we will help you where we can 24 hours a day assistance phone, text and emails

  • Included is a customised information booklet

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